The Top 10 Financial Resources For Freelancers


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When you work for an organization, you don't have to worry much about money. All you have to do is the work you're given, and you'll get paid at the end of the cycle. It's as easy as it sounds. The HR department figures out the money, like keeping track of your LOP, days of presence, and more.

Since you work for the organization, you don't have to worry about anything. But the picture changes completely when you say you work for yourself. Most people want to be their boss at some point in their lives. People want to be able to work on their own without being told what to do.

Even though the grass looks greener, a self-employed individual may have to deal with some problems. Taking care of finances is a big job, and you must keep track of all the exchanges on your own. If you don't know much about accounting, you shouldn't try to do it by taking notes.

As your business increases, it will be tougher to keep track of how much you spend and how much you make. If you make a mistake with numbers, you could lose a lot of money. So, we're here to inform you about some professional tools you can use to keep your money in order.


Many freelancers use this a lot to keep track of their contacts and invoices to ensure they get paid on time. According to the survey, this tool has helped freelancers make their payment systems faster and easier. The reality that it can be utilized worldwide and works with third-party payment methods makes it popular with users.


If you desire to grow your business, you have to plan. It can even help you do that. It's more like a financial services app that lets you plan how much you'll spend and how much you'll pay to keep a balance. The software will develop a strategy to boost your income based on the information you give about your finances. If your paycheck isn't enough, it can even help you out by giving you a loan with no interest.


Mint is also a good app for keeping track of your finances that lets you see how things are going at a glance. This app can get information from your bank account, retirement fund, credit card, and investment accounts. Here, you can set alerts, reminders, and budgets, and you'll get a detailed report at the end of the month. Mint can also find out your credit score through its analysis program.


QuickBooks is a well-known piece of accounting software that comes with everything a freelancer needs. It lets you do any job well, from sending invoices to keeping track of mileage. The app's mobile design makes the accounting process easier and saves time. You can take pictures of your payment receipts with the app, and the software will automatically keep track of the cost. With free bank transfers, the payment process is also sped up.


As a freelancer, you can always use this tool for free to keep track of your accounts. It can help you manage invoices, keep track of expenses, and pay bills with credit cards. It can also help you scan receipts. The business owner needs the premium version, which has extra features that cost money to process.


This tool speeds up the whole process, from proposing getting paid. The tool makes it easy to make and send custom contacts and invoices. The payment reminder is a live video that will ensure you never miss a payment. Here, you can pay for things with PayPal, credit cards, or an ACH bank transfer.


Chime gives you a free account that works with VISA Debit cards. There are no fees even for transactions with other countries, and you don't need a minimum balance to open an account here. It sets up an account to save money, and you can save more by giving a rounded-up amount for a purchase. It also lets you pay with cash.


If it's tough to stick to a budget, you could get the device GoodBudget to help you manage your money. Here, you can use the virtual envelopes to sort your expenses into different groups for different reasons. You can import your bank account data from there, and the complex transactions broken down into categories will help you keep track of every expense.


It is a banking app for your phone that comes with a debit card. You don't have to make a small deposit to open an account here. When you use your debit card, the software will let you know. This will assist you in tracking your spending and understanding what you've spent. In the same way, it helps you keep track of your budget and forces you to stick to it.


Simple is a simple banking software that makes it easy to keep track of your money. The most valuable part of the application is the safe to spend tool, which helps you figure out how much money you have left over after all your expenses. Based on the bills you'll get in the future, it will tell you how much you will spend now to stay on track.

The app also lets you keep a detailed record of what you spend, with photos and check-ins of the things you buy. There is no down payment here. These tools have assisted millions of freelance writers in keeping track of their finances and staying on track. These are also good for people who aren't good at managing their own money.

If you're a freelancer who hasn't begun using any of these, you should consider doing so. Because as your work grows, your responsibilities will get more complicated, and you'll need to take proper care of your money in the right way.